123 HP Setup OJP 8610

123 HP Setup OJP 8610 

123 HP Setup OJP 8610

How to install HP OJP 8610 all-in-one printer software?

HP OJP 8610 offers wide range of printing solutions to cater your needs. After unboxing the HP OJP 8610 printer, connect the printer to your computer and install the latest updated driver software by following the on-screen instructions.

Take the driver CD ROM that comes with your HP OJP 8610 printer and install the driver software onto your computer. If you want the latest updated drivers, go to 123.hp.com/ojp8610 on your browser and download the most recent drivers for your computer.

Instructions for installing HP OJP 8610 Driver software:

Step 1: Connect the HP ojp 8610 printer and the computer to your internet connection. Ensure that your internet is in active state and is working fine without any hiccups.
Step 2: Note down the internet network name aka (SSID) and password from the router.
Step 3: Enter the above mentioned username and password to connect your HP ojp 8610 printer and computer to your wireless network.
Step 4: Go to 123.hp.com/ojp8610 and download the latest driver software for your printer as per your system requirement i.e. Mac or Windows. Follow the steps given below to download the software. For any help regarding HP printers, call our toll-free number 1-866-309-6188
Step 5: On the webpage (123.hp.com/ojp8610), type the printer model number as HP Office jet Pro 8610 and Click Begin.
Step 6: Choose your operating system on the new page that open up and then click on the download button to download the printer driver onto your computer.
Step 7: After the download is complete, double click on the downloaded printer driver setup file (.exe) to begin the driver installation.
Step 8: Follow the on-screen information to complete the printer driver installation process.

How to scan using HP OJP 8610?

HP OJP 8610 offers scanning options for your convenience. With the help of printer’s control panel, you can adjust the scan settings as per your need.

123 hp setup ojp8610
Step 1: Pull up the scanner lid on your HP OJP 8610 printer. Place the document or photo which is to be scanned on the scanner glass.
Step 2: Click on the Start menu on your computer and then choose All Programs. Select the menu “HP Solution Center” in the HP directory.
Step 3: Open the HP Solution Center and then click on “Scan Picture” or “Scan Document” button based on the document placed in the scanner.
Step 4: Now, you have to choose the storage location for saving the scanned item on your computer. After choosing the location, click “Scan” and then click “OK”
Step 5: On completing the above step, one preview window will open in which you can make additional changes, and then finally choose “Finish” to complete the scan process.

How to troubleshoot HP OJP 8610 printer stops printing?

  • If your printer and computer are connected via USB or Ethernet then, ensure whether the cables are properly connected and, attempt restarting your printer, computer and reconnecting your cables.
  • If your printer and computer are connected via wireless Wi-Fi network then, verify whether the Password/Username of your Wi-Fi network is working properly or it’s changed.
  • Ensure the document that you are trying to print is in proper format that is supported by the HP OJP 8610 printer.

How to fix HP OJP 8610 offline Issue?

HP OJP 8610 printer goes offline due to reasons as stated below,

There might be issues in the HP OJP 8610 printer or in your computer or network error or USB cable issues, paper issues or else printer’s driver might be corrupted or absent etc.

  • To rectify this issue follow the simple steps given below,
  • Open the Control panel through the Start menu of the Windows computer.
  • In the Control panel section, choose Devices and Printers option.
  • Right click on the Devices and Printers and select See what’s printing.
  • Check if the Pause Printing is ticked or not. If it is ticked, then remove the tick.
  • Select Use Printer Offline option for offline usage, as shown.
  • Close all the applications and restart the computer and the HP OJP 8610 printer.
  • Ultimately, the printer should be working fine and you are able to get print out without difficulty.

How to setup and use HP ePrint in HP OJP 8610 printer?

HP ePrint is an open source free app present in the HP OJP 8610 printer. It is used to send documents wirelessly from your emails sent to the HP OJP 8610 printer.

Prior to using HP ePrint, ensure that the internet connection is working well and good.

Follow the simple steps given below:

  • From the HP OJP 8610 printer’s control panel, enable the Web Services.
  • This will aid your printer in connecting with the internet and HP ePrint cloud service.
  • Web Services can be enabled using Web Service setup or Wireless setup option.
  • Click on the Setup button as shown in image given below.
  • After the above step, a new window named Web Service Summary pops up.
  • Click on the Print info option to obtain the print out of the information page.
  • The print out from the above step includes your HP OJP 8610 printer’s claim code or its email address. Example of Printer’s claim code: 19avtcju20bths
  • Claim code united with the suffix @hpeprint.com is the HP OJP 8610 printer’s email address. Example: 19avtcju20bths @hpeprint.com.
  • After implementation of above steps, you can now send and print documents on the HP OJP 8610 printer using the printer’s email.

How to fix HP OJP 8610 paper jam?

Paper jams frequently happen in the output window or when the input print paper remnants in the printer. Paper jams can be cleared away by following the effortless steps given below.

  • Switch OFF your HP OJP 8610 printer and take away the power cable from the wall socket.
  • Open the front panel and output cover of your HP OJP 8610 printer.
  • Make sure you don’t come in contact with the clear layer since, it can get scratched easily.
  • Remove any leftover papers gently and ensure that you are not touching the clear film.
  • After the above step, confirm that there are no other paper pieces, and then lock the paper output cover.
  • Finally, place the paper on the input tray for printing and then start printing with your HP OJP 8610 printer.