123 HP AMP 120 Printer

It is a well built printer whose scanning feature is remarkable. It is small, slim, and sleek in design. It has a photo tray and it is very suitable for your home needs. An amplifier, Bluetooth ray player comes along with your printer. The display of the printer is touch- screen based and is about 4.4 inch in size. It is compatible with Wireless network. ePrint is feasible using your 123 HP AMP 120 printer. It is quite expensive.

123 HP AMP 120 Technical Specifications

  • Printing Technology- Inkjet color
  • Monthly duty cycle- 1000 pages
  • Display Feature- Touch Screen
  • Display Diagonal- 4.33 inches
  • Recommended monthly volume- 400-500 pages
  • Standard Memory and Max Supported Memory 512 MB
  • Microsoft certifications- Compatible with Windows
  • Automatic Duplexing Yes
  • Maximum Copies 50
  • Max Document Enlargement 400 %
  • Max Document Reduction 50 %
  • ENERGY STAR Certified- Yes
  • Max Printing Resolution- Up to 1200 dpi / up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Max Printing Speed- Up to 28 ppm / up to 23 ppm
  • Max Resolution B/W- 1200 dpi
  • Max Resolution Color- 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Max Printing Speed B/W- 28 ppm
  • Max Printing Speed Color- 23 ppm
123 HP AMP 120

123 HP AMP 120 Printer Setup installation

All you have to do once you receive your new HP AMP 120 printer at your door steps are available on this website. Follow the stepwise guidelines to setup your printer easily.

  • Once you get your new printer, check if all the components mentioned in your manual is present.
  • Take your printer out of the box and unwarp it from the plastic tapes and packing materials.
  • Power cord comes as one of the accessories of the printer using that you can connect your printer to the power supply.
  • Unwrap it as well from the package and link its one end at the printer’s rear side and another to the AC power supply.
  • Establish the connection firmly in order to avoid leakage of power. Subsequently, power on your printer.
  • Search for your ink cartridge in the shipment box, take it out, remove the plastic tapes that are wound around it.
  • Open the cartridge access door of the printer. At that time, you can find your printer’s carriage displaces to the center of the printer.
  • Allow it to settle down in its place and then hold the cartridge in a way that it faces the printer.
  • Look for the slot and place it properly into it. Make sure that it is seated properly.
  • Subsequently, place paper in the tray and install the suitable printer driver.
  • Finally, pair the speaker to your mobile devices.

123 HP AMP 120 Print Document support

  • Every device needs a manual or document to customize or troubleshoot it.
  • We offer step- by- step easy instructions to customize it easily.
  • You will also have information about the accessories that come along with your printer, warranty period, setup and troubleshooting instructions, and more.
  • In the guide you will also have the compatible HP AMP 120 printer driver, the installation steps, upgrading methods, and more.
  • A few tip can help you to prevent the printer from experience the issue.
  • Check out all the possible ways if getting good results out of your printer.
  • Just go to our website, search for the link, and download it. You can also avail lively assistance from our tech- support team.

123 HP AMP 120 Wireless Setup support

Using the Wireless method, you can connect the 123.hp.com/amp printer to the network easily. Go through the instructions available on our website to establish the wireless connection on your device.

AMP 120 – Windows Setup
  1. To connect the printer to the wireless connection, the following steps will help you for sure.
  2. Before you make an attempt to connect the printer to the Wireless network using the WPS mode, check if the Wireless you have is 802.11 b/g/n network that includes a WPS-enabled wireless router or access point.
  3. The HP Amp 120 printer supports connections using Frequency band of 2.4 GHz so make sure that you have set the band level properly.
  4. If your WPS router have a push button mode, go on with the following instructions. If not, you can choose the PIN mode to establish the printer connection.
  5. To establish the connection using the Push button mode, press and hold the Wireless icon on the printer for about 3 seconds to start the Push button mode.
  6. At that time, the Wireless light starts blinking. Now press the WPS icon on your router. If the printer connection is successfully established, the blue Wireless light stops blinking.
  7. To establish the connection using the PIN method, push and hold the Power icon for about 3 seconds and turn on all the icon on the control panel of the printer.
  8. Push the Wireless icon and Information icon simultaneously, if you like to get print of the network configuration page.
  9. Push and hold the Wireless icon from the control panel for almost 3 seconds. Now you can see blinking of the Wireless light.
  10. Check out the below instructions to connect your printer to the Wireless network by means of the HP Printer Software.
  11. Get directed to our website to avail the suitable software for your printer and when instructed, click on Wireless.
  12. Trail the prompts and complete the process. Click Tools in the Printer software.
  13. Tap on Device Setup & Software. Choose the Connect a new device option and then click on Wireless.
  14. Once the printer is successfully connected to the network, the blue Wireless light stop blinking and remains on.
AMP 120 – Mac Setup
  1. Go through the instructions provided below to connect the printer to your Mac computer.
  2. To establish the printer connection over the wireless WLAN 802.11 network, you should have a computer that is connected to the wireless router or an access point.
  3. Get the network name and password from your Internet Service Provider.
  4. If you don’t have the driver for your printer, get directed to our website, trail the prompts, and complete the installation.
  5. If you have the suitable 123 HP AMP 120 printer driver already installed on your Mac, double- click on HP Utility in the HP folder in the Application folder.
  6. On the top screen of the menu bar, click on Setup New Device from the Devices menu, and trail the on- screen instructions.
  7. Once the printer connection is successfully established, the blue Wireless light does not blink and remains on.

123.hp.com/amp 120 – Troubleshooting Support

We offer the troubleshooting for almost all the issues experienced by your printer. Check the instructions below and know how to sort them out.

Jam and paper- feed issue– This issue results if the paper you fed in the input tray of the printer is incompatible with the file format.

Use paper of suitable type to avoid this issue.

Cartridge issue– If the installed cartridge is out of ink or improperly placed, the control panel of the printer prompts this kind of message. Using genuine HP AMP 120 ink cartridge is a good idea to avoid this kind of printer issue.

Printer hardware issues– If the settings are not properly made, the printer fails to perform its function. Rebooting of the printer helps you get back the printer issues.